Academic Identity of SLIET Faculty


S.No. Name of Employee Designation Department E-Vidwan WOS H-Index
Dr. Akhouri Sanjay Kr Sinha Associate Professor Chem. Engg. E-Vidwan 154070 4
Dr. Amit Rai Assistant Professor Chem. Engg. E-Vidwan 206871
Dr. Avinash Thakur Professor Chem. Engg. E-Vidwan 154010 11
Dr. Gulshan Kumar Jawa Associate Professor Chem. Engg. E-Vidwan 154018 3
Dr. Himadri Roy Ghatak Professor Chem. Engg. E-Vidwan 154076 11
Dr. Kamlesh Kumari Professor Chem. Engg. E-Vidwan 157502 7
Dr. Nikhil Prakash Associate Professor Chem. Engg. E-Vidwan 120075 2
Dr. Pushpa Jha Professor Chem. Engg. E-Vidwan 120055 2
Dr. Sandeep Mohan Ahuja Professor Chem. Engg. E-Vidwan 156722 4
Dr. Subita Bhagat Assistant Professor Chem. Engg. E-Vidwan 157725 1
Dr. Vinod Kumar Meena Assistant Professor Chem. Engg. E-Vidwan 156682 2
Dr. Dhiraj Sud Professor Chy. E-Vidwan 152682 25
Dr. Harish Kumar Chopra Professor Chy. E-Vidwan 121536 21
Dr. Hemant Kumar Assistant Professor Chy.
Dr. Himanshu Rani Assistant Professor Chy.
Dr. Payal Malik Assistant Professor Chy. 9
Dr. Ram Pal Chaudhary Professor Chy. E-Vidwan 121207 15
Dr. Amar Nath Assistant Professor CSE
Dr. Birmohan Singh Professor CSE E-Vidwan 156081 11
Dr. Daman Preet Singh Professor CSE E-Vidwan 157557 26
Dr. Gurjinder Kaur Associate Professor CSE E-Vidwan 156468
Mr. Jagdeep Singh Assistant Professor CSE 6
Mr. Jaspal Singh Assistant Professor CSE 2
Dr. Major Singh Goraya Professor CSE E-Vidwan 124145 8
Dr. Manminder Singh Assistant Professor CSE 4
Dr. Manoj K. Sachan Professor CSE E-Vidwan 157898 5
Ms. Preetpal Kaur Buttar Assistant Professor CSE E-Vidwan 138746 1
Mr. Rahul Gautam Assistant Professor CSE E-Vidwan 158573 1
Dr. Tajinder Singh Assistant Professor CSE 4
Dr. Utkarsh Assistant Professor CSE
Dr. Vinod Kumar Verma Assistant Professor CSE E-Vidwan 156399 9
Dr. Amar Partap Singh Pharwaha Professor ECE E-Vidwan 114734 6
Dr. Ajay Pal Singh Chauhan Professor ECE E-Vidwan 115056 6
Ms. Alka Singla Assistant Professor ECE
Dr. Anupma Marwaha Professor ECE E-Vidwan 115074 10
Dr. Dilip Kumar Professor ECE E-Vidwan 98988 13
Dr. Jagpal Singh Ubhi Professor ECE E-Vidwan 115059 5
Mr. Kuldip Singh Assistant Professor ECE 1
Dr. Kunadan Kumar Assistant Professor ECE E-Vidwan 226842 7
Mr. Pankaj  Kumar Das Assistant Professor ECE E-Vidwan 156307
Dr. Sarbjeet Singh Assistant Professor ECE E-Vidwan 511165 2
Dr. Surinder Singh Professor ECE E-Vidwan 154097 15
Mr. Vipul Singal Assistant Professor ECE
Mr. Vivek Harshey Assistant Professor ECE
Dr. Ajat Shatru Arora Professor EIE E-Vidwan 104202 9
Ms. Anshuka Bansal Associate Professor EIE E-Vidwan 157664
Dr. Ashwani Kr Aggarwal Professor EIE E-Vidwan 115098 12
Dr. Asim Ali Khan Associate Professor EIE
Dr. Barasha Mali Assistant Professor EIE E-Vidwan 157578
Dr. Charanjiv Gupta Associate Professor EIE E-Vidwan 156275 18
Dr. Diljinder Singh Associate Professor EIE E-Vidwan 156532 2
Dr. Gurmeet Singh Associate Professor EIE E-Vidwan 156368
Dr. Jaspreet Singh Assistant Professor EIE E-Vidwan 226929
Dr. Jasprit Singh Dhillon Professor EIE E-Vidwan 195034 19
Dr. Manmohan Singh Professor EIE E-Vidwan 156292 7
Dr. Manpreet Kaur Professor EIE E-Vidwan 156082 10
Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna Associate Professor EIE 2
Dr. Pratibha Tyagi Associate Professor EIE E-Vidwan 156872 1
Dr. Raj Kumar Professor EIE E-Vidwan 156359
Ms. Rajinder Kaur Associate Professor EIE E-Vidwan 157677
Dr. Rishabh Verma Assistant Professor EIE 4
Dr. Sanjay Marwaha Professor EIE E-Vidwan 116232 10
Mr. Sunil Kumar Bansal Assistant Professor EIE 1
Dr. Surita Maini Professor EIE E-Vidwan 157574 4
Mr. Ashwani Kumar Assistant Professor FET 8
Dr. Charanjit Singh Riar Professor FET E-Vidwan 121512 27
Dr. Charanjiv Singh Saini Professor FET E-Vidwan 120298
Dr. Dharmesh Chandra Saxena Professor FET E-Vidwan 150763 9
Dr. Harish Kumar Sharma Professor FET 21
Dr. Kamlesh Prasad Professor FET E-Vidwan 99884 13
Dr. Navdeep Jindal Professor FET E-Vidwan 157680 5
Dr. Parmjit Singh Panesar Professor FET E-Vidwan 108341 31
Dr. Pradyuman Kumar Professor FET E-Vidwan 1052 20
Dr. Sukhcharn Singh Professor FET E-Vidwan 98913 23
Dr. Vikas Nanda Professor FET E-Vidwan 157517 19
Dr. Jappreet Kaur Professor M&H E-Vidwan 120183 2
Dr. Mahesh Kumar Arora Professor M&H E-Vidwan 156071
Dr. Mandeep  Singh Ghai Associate Professor M&H E-Vidwan 158782
Dr. Pardeep Kumar Jain Professor M&H
Dr. Parveen Kaur Khanna Professor M&H E-Vidwan 157794
Dr. Pawan Kumar Professor M&H E-Vidwan 156646
Dr. Sanjeev Bansal Professor M&H E-Vidwan 121203
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Garg Professor M&H
Dr. Janak Raj Sharma Professor Maths. E-Vidwan 121405 19
Dr. Mandeep Singh Professor Maths. 8
Dr. Rangan Kumar Guha Professor Maths. E-Vidwan 154143 7
Dr. Ravi Kant Mishra Professor Maths. E-Vidwan 153530 10
Dr. Sukhjit Singh Dhaliwal Professor Maths. E-Vidwan 159483 11
Dr. Sushma Gupta Professor Maths. E-Vidwan 154023 6
Dr. Vijay Kumar Kukreja Professor Maths. E-Vidwan 121364 10
Dr. Vinod Mishra Professor Maths. E-Vidwan 126668 8
Dr. Yogesh Kapil Assistant Professor Maths. E-Vidwan 121469 4
Dr. Sudhir Kumar Assistant Professor Maths. 4
Dr. Amandeep Singh Shahi Professor ME 10
Dr. Amrik Singh Professor ME E-Vidwan 122530
Dr. Anil Kumar Singla Associate Professor ME E-Vidwan 157131 15
Ms. Ankita Omer Assistant Professor ME E-Vidwan 120172 3
Mr. Anuj Bansal Assistant Professor ME E-Vidwan 157127 13
Dr. Arvind Jayant Professor ME E-Vidwan 120177
Mr. Divesh Bharti Assistant Professor ME
Dr. Harish Kumar Arya Associate Professor ME E-Vidwan 156969 1
Dr. Indraj Singh Professor ME E-Vidwan 156832 8
Dr. Jagtar Singh Professor ME E-Vidwan 121411 9
Dr. Jaspal Singh Gill Associate Professor ME E-Vidwan 154075 2
Mr. Jonny Singla Assistant Professor ME E-Vidwan 156713 3
Dr. Kulwant Singh Professor ME E-Vidwan 157968 7
Mr. Lalit Ahuja Assistant Professor ME 4
Dr. Manoj Kumar Goyal Associate Professor ME E-Vidwan 157914
Mr. Mohd. Afaq Akhtar Associate Professor ME E-Vidwan 157803
Dr. Mohd. Majid Associate Professor ME E-Vidwan 159210 3
Dr. Pardeep Gupta Professor ME E-Vidwan 154039 10
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Singh Professor ME E-Vidwan 269320 13
Dr. Raj Kumar Yadav Professor ME E-Vidwan 157504
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Professor ME E-Vidwan 227070 22
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Associate Professor ME E-Vidwan 207023
Dr. Ravindra Kumar Saxena Professor ME E-Vidwan 157619 7
Dr. Shankar Singh Professor ME E-Vidwan 157146 9
Dr. Sumit Kumar Assistant Professor ME E-Vidwan 157130
Dr. Sunil Kumar Associate Professor ME E-Vidwan 157147
Mr. Suresh Chandra Verma Associate Professor ME E-Vidwan 154022
Dr. Surinder Kumar Assistant Professor ME E-Vidwan 158527 5
Dr. Vivek Kumar Associate Professor ME 5
Dr. Yogesh Verma Assistant Professor ME E-Vidwan 510647
Dr. Amarjit Singh Dhaliwal Professor Phy. 20
Ms. Kanika Aggarwal Assistant Professor Phy. 2
Dr. Kiranjit Singh Kahlon Professor Phy. E-Vidwan 157533
Dr. Murari Mohan Sinha Professor Phy. 12
Dr. Prabhdeep Kaur Assistant Professor Phy.
Dr. Sardool Singh Ghumman Associate Professor Phy. 8
Dr. Suram Singh Verma Professor Phy. E-Vidwan 286378 16